I'm Travis

…creator here at Leifkicker. As a life-long artist, I found one of my passions by making deck boxes for myself. Enough friends, and then strangers wanted to have their own, and now I’m proud to be able to create hand crafted functional art for you.

I make sturdy game accessories like deck boxes and Settlers tiles by hand casting polyurethane resin and protecting the hand painting with three clear coats, so they’re durable enough to ensure many years or even generations of play. You can feel the quality, care, and artistry I put into each piece.



Chaos Orb Lamp

Chaos Orb with LED bulbs that can be toggled between three different settings. To check it out closer head over to by youtube, here. Rumor

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Amazing customer service

for worry free ordering

I thrive on creating relationships with my buyers. After all- I’m selling you an experience, not just my art. I love customizing gifts for your next special event. I’m also happy to work with you to take your hair brained idea and make it into a piece you can hold. Contact me and let me know what I can do for you.


crafted by a gamer

As an avid player of MTG, SoC, and so many more, I know how fun it is to have a great talking point while sitting around the table. Designing new pieces is one of the best parts of my job. Sometimes I get inspired while playing, but I also like to take feedback from my online community. So speak up!

Quality Materials

to last a lifetime

Just like my love of games helps me be a creative designer, it also informs my decisions when it comes to quality. No one needs a deck box that loses a magnet or comes unhinged, splaying your cards out everywhere. I make sure I would be proud to own every item I sell. Check out my shop to see what materials I use to make each item stand the test of time.

Over 500 5-star reviews

can’t be wrong

I encourage you to check out my reviews on Etsy, Ebay, and my Review page. Watch the videos that satisfied customers have shared. It’s easy to say I care about quality, but you can be sure your money is well spent by seeing the reactions from my past sales. I want you to be a customer for life.

What Tolarian Says

“Amazing craftsmanship and design. The only cons to this is the fact that it isn’t free”
“Do you want to have your deck in just a plain cardboard box or do you want something a little more extraordinary?”
“This is really well made. This is top quality craftsmanship.”

Never heard of Tolarian?  I’d call him the premier reviewer of all things MTG and board games. Check out Tolarian Community College to see his extensive collection of reviews.

What's Patreon?

As someone who handcrafts every piece that ships out my doors, I hate that my pricing is out of reach for some of you. One way I have found to offer you the chance to get one on a smaller budget is through Patreon. If you can afford to support my work at $5 a month, you get access to Patron-only content and special discounts if you order an item.

Having Patrons allows me monthly income to help with shop improvements- like the air purifiers we bought for the shop this year.

As an artist, I’ve found that Patreon is a great way to connect with my fans while offering us both opportunities we wouldn’t have otherwise.