People ask me all the time, “Where does the handle Leifkicker come from?”

When I was a kid, I lived at the edge of the woods. Whenever I complained to my parents that I was bored, they would send me outside. Still bored, I would walk around kicking leaves, earning the name “leaf kicker” from my parents. When I later got into gaming, I played a Gnome in D&D and named him “Leifkicker”. As a stout and bearded man I thought a play on a Viking name would be funny. The name has since followed me into forums and just kind of stuck.

People also often ask me how I got into sculpting. My interest in building something from nothing, in creating, started as a child with legos and blocks. As a young adult, I experimented with many different creative mediums and art styles. In college, I worked for awhile as a caricaturist. Since then, I have done graphic design, made wire-wrap jewelry, and at one point I worked for a blacksmith making custom armor.

As a life-long gamer and artist, I’ve always customized my own pieces for gaming. When I realized that I wasn’t the only one who wanted custom game pieces, I found the opportunity to use my art skills in a fun hobby.

I loved combining my two greatest loves, art and gaming. When my creations began to grow in popularity, and my customer base expanded all over the world, I started developing my hobby into a way to make a living doing what I love.

I turned my basement into a professional workshop and art studio, and continue to expand my work into various new genres and applications. Since all of my items are hand-crafted, I relish offering my customers unique alternatives to the assembly line. Everything I make is limited edition and hand-crafted by me right here in my home studio.

I spend six days a week in my basement studio, my hands are always covered in paint and dried resin, and I am constantly shaking off sand dust. I create mythic deck boxes, specialized gaming accessories, stash boxes, and sculptures. I especially like making artifacts, items unique and rare enough to start a conversation. When I’m not busy coming up with new ideas or filling orders, my family and friends keep me busy repairing their favorite toys or restoring their broken or damaged antiques.

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