Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still order a box if your shop is empty?

If everything is sold out, which I try to avoid but happens from time to time, you can contact me directly through my Etsy store to place a custom order. Or just contact me using the form at the bottom of the page.

Why is your store empty? Are you still making boxes?

Yes, of course I’m still making handmade deck boxes and other gaming accessories! I just can’t keep up with orders and I keep selling out!

Why haven’t you responded to my email?

I do try and respond to every email I receive. I tend to get a lot of emails, so sometimes it takes a while to work through them all. Thank you for your patience!

Why do orders take so long?

I am constantly looking for ways to speed up production so that I can make more items per week, but ultimately, making stuff by hand just takes time! Each item takes at least a full 8 hour work day to make, and I have a long list of orders ahead of yours!

I am usually in the studio from 9am to 8pm Monday through Saturday and I have friends working with me at least 40 cumulative hours a week, but we still can’t keep up with demand! Some say that’s a good problem to have. It just means you need to plan ahead if you’re buying a rare Leifkicker box or accessory as a gift or for a special event.

Hey Leif, I have a super crazy cool deck and I want a box built around the idea, can you do it?!

Yes! I can make just about anything, but it gets expensive to make one of a kind items. One of the most common messages I get is a request for a new never before seen box idea. I love the ideas customers send me, but it takes weeks of work to make a new prototype, usually 100-120 hours and a lot of raw materials. If you want a one of a kind item just for you, you’ll need to plan for 120 billable hours plus material costs and a deposit.

That said, if you have an idea you want to share that you think others might like, then please feel free to message me! I love hearing from the Magic community. If I think enough people will want the box that I can make a prototype to mold (allowing you to share the costs of a one of a kind prototype with at least 50 other people), then it’s a winning box design idea.

If money is no object for you and you want the joy of a truly one of a kind item, by all means contact me with your requests. I can make just about anything!

Speaking of cost, Leif, your prices are more than what I expect to pay for a box, why do your boxes cost more than machine made products?

Making stuff by hand is a slow process, even with molds and castings. It takes at least 8 hours to craft each casted box into a finished product. My prices are as low as they are because I keep my overhead as low as possible and work for the absolute minimum I need to cover costs. If you do the math on the selling price minus materials and an American wage, you will quickly see that my prices are almost impossibly low! There is no “wholesale rate” or mark up – you’re buying directly from the maker.

Leif, I love your art and I want to support you as an artist, but I already have the box(es) I want. Is there another way I can support your work?

Yes! I started a Patreon campaign in 2017. If you’re not familiar with Patreon, it’s a crowd sourcing platform that allows fans to support the artists they love.

Donors, or Patrons, get access to special photos and updates from me. Join over 150 people who support me monthly.