Made to Order

“Made to Order” means that I have a good mold on hand to create an item. I don’t always have items made since I sell out so quickly.  If you want to purchase a “Made to Order” item, shoot me a message, or visit my Etsy shop.

Settlers Board

Handmade, handpainted 3D gameboard tiles for SoC. Multiple options available as listed.

Mana Vault

Sliver 2.0

Chaos Orb

Inspired by Mark Tedin’s classic Chaos Orb artwork. It includes a detachable display base

Glow in the Dark Skull

Sliver Overlord

Hinged Jaw Skull

The classic momento mori plus a dice compartment

Magic Top

The body of this box is a top with ornate filigree and rune-like inscriptions


The body of the box is designed to resemble an ancient Egyptian artifact


The body of this box is marked with hieroglyphs, and is about the size of a football

Dragon Skull

It’s just playing with us, Marsden.

Squirrel and Acorn

In the treetops, unseen by many, lurks chittering, skittering death.


This box has a creepy feel inspired by The Book of the Dead known as Necronomicon


Possibly available in the future

After I create a mold for a piece, it can only be used about 35 times. If there is enough interest these items may be redesigned and brought back in the future, but I will have to create a new mold first.

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Cthulhu V2

This deck box has an otherworldly feel to it. It was inspired by the famous artwork from H.P. Lovecraft’s “Call of Cthulhu”


Mimic has a biomechanical feel and it was inspired by the late HR Giger


It has a rugged feel and was inspired by Koth of the Hammer

Ratchet Bomb 2.0


This smooth box is a hand held battery operated flame in any color!


Inspired by the book featured in Adventuretime, the animated television series created by Pendleton Ward


The body of the box has an ancient or gothic feel and counter dials on top and the pentagram Magic symbol on the bottom

Dice Tower

Ratchet Bomb

Inspired by the ratchet bomb bard, this is a very rugged box that looks and feels like a weapon with ropes that feed through the lid


This box has an organic meets Gothic feel inspired by the Sliver theme

Discontinued Deck Boxes

I will not be creating new molds for these items. They’re here for your viewing pleasure only.


Fawkes Mask

Twisty Mask

Old Skull


The teeth of this Goblin box fit together on this box when it’s closed, and it features bright colors and a glossy eye.



Cthulhu V1

Krenko Mini

My very first box design!


This box has a simple feel inspired by tree bark and it’s perfect for Selesnya Conclave lovers or elf decks

Magic Familar- Humonculi

Deck of Many