With compliments like these, you don’t have to take my word for it.

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Customer Reviews

I bought this for my husband as a Christmas gift, he loves it. High quality, looks just same as the photo on the website. It was worth it.

Christina Sarmiento

A beautiful piece of art i wanted for a long time. Truly astonishing. I am so so so happy about it. Leif is really a professional.


Got this as a gift for my husband’s birthday. We were blown away by the detail and how beautiful it is, and that was even before we realized it.lights.up! This piece is truly a work of art, will definitely be getting other boxes in the future!

Kerri Conway

I bought this deck box for my boyfriend as a christmas gift and he was so excited when he got it. Not only does it look cool, it’s also functional. I love how the jaw opens for extra storage for dice. The quality and care that went into making this is very obvious. I would definitely recommend Leifkicker to anyone that’s wants a quality deck box.

Sara Schaffer

This item was exactly as described, incredible craftsmanship! Absolutely top quality and easily fits 100 single sleeved cards with plenty of room to spare. Very happy with the result, will definitely be purchasing again from this buyer!

Tom Conboy

We are now the envy of every house in the neighborhood who plays SoC.

Wolf Hindrichs

Quality craftsmanship, remniscent of vintage castings from the 40s. Recommended

Deckboxes, Hex Tiles, and more

ebay Customer

Great price and fast shipping! Great seller!!! Amazing deck box! Incredible work

Deckboxes, Hex Tiles, and more

ebay Customer

Absolutely amazing! Everyone in the local game store instantly came by to see it.


This is hands-down the best thing ever for Settlers folk! The detail is extraordinary, and it’s worth every dollar. Leif was fantastic to work with. I bought this for a friend’s wedding, and he was more than accommodating. He worked extra to make the less-than-ideal shipment date I requested AND he even threw in a free personalized tile with a little message from me. Can’t recommend this item and this shop enough.


One of the best items I’ve ever purchased. Excellent quality.


What can I say, the quality alone is just amazing. Fits 100 cards no problem and looks amazing. When I went to my local card shop, people’s eye just blow up on how amazing this box is!! If you card about your cards you need to buy this!!!


This was made with such care and rushed to my son for his birthday. This was the ultimate present since a beautiful, hand made card was made by Liefkicker’s daughter and they put a special surprise inside for him. The quality is amazing. His dad is so jealous and wants something like this for Christmas. This is magnificent and worth the money!

Tara Bayes

FANTASTIC and unique creations!! These sculpts will become my family heirlooms!

Deckboxes, Hex Tiles, and more

ebay Customer

Wow. Even more impressive than the photos. Great seller and craftsman!

Deckboxes, Hex Tiles, and more

ebay Customer

Shipped on time and quickly. Truly an exceptional item, with top-notch craftsmanship. This item is a must-have for anyone who loves SoC.

Christopher Daleen

Marvel of a product, great care & thought in packaging, thanks Leifkicker!

Chelsea Seeley

Leifkicker has a great attention to detail and produces high-quality work. I am extremely happy with my purchase and look forward to doing business with him again in the future.


Stunning craftsmanship. Sturdy, super detailed and over all amazing. The shipping was amazing. Looking forward to purchasing a deck box for myself next time. Plus the artist is super amazing and responds to everything almost right away.


Great simple design that holds your bones… I mean dice in its teeth for you. Don’t worry about your opponent they get too scared to play you when you bring a skull to the table.


This Settlers board is an outstanding piece of craftsmanship. I gave it to my SoC-obssessed significant other for Christmas and she has deemed it the best gift she’s ever received. Each piece is uniquely custom. The plastic/molded material used to construct the tiles is sturdy and durable but also appears to be hand painted/finished which gives it a really good finished look. These look better in-person than they do in the photos.

Nick Conrad

Very impressed with the deck box. Magnificent design, superb craftsmanship. I will be buying another of Leifkicker’s deck boxes in the future.

Mark Stecyk

Can’t get enough? You must have a lot of time on your hands…